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Playing chess online with David Azzato

As a head of a big internet network, David Azzato does find a way to have fun, and his big passion for chess and the internet makes him a really interesting person. His points of view are different but fun, and he cares for his stuff more than any employer I had before.

chess with david azzatoI had a huge job opportunity to work on the site So i took myself together, did a whole lot of research in order to impress the one who would interview me for the job and prepared myself in every possible way. I even put my best suit on with a tie and everything. But one thing I did not expect was David Azzato to be the one to interview me. We met at his office and right away his asked me do I love playing chess. I really did, so I told him I am an expert, as I was. After a few more questions about the previous jobs I had he said that if I win against him on the site I would get the job. I was nervous but I played calm and we started the game online.

After half an hour I won. And got the job. I remembered his nickname and later the day wanted to see if he really gave his best, so I spend almost the whole day to find him again and play anonymously against him. He won this time, and he was brilliant. So I realized he let me win before in order to give me a chance to work for him.

Was it easy for me to become a part of the team?

Now, two years later I realized he saw himself in me. He also had a hard time before he became who he is today. Actually he doesn’t talk a lot but when he does you can feel the calm aura around him and in his team which I am a part of.

And he is a perfectionist, he always wants everything to be precise and on point. But he also gives time to all of us to build a passion for what we do, before expecting any results of our work. I think that is the reason why everyone here loves working on his projects and why everyone gives their best in every possible way. has become today a huge site where everyone can feel the joy of playing chess and enjoy what we created. And we work everyday to make it better and more interactive, so that our users can have the feeling to play right next to their opponent. I am really happy to be a part of David Azzato’s team.

Everyone was really friendly at the beginning and stayed to this day. We work together and appreciate everyone’s thoughts and ideas. The working atmosphere is really calm and we all have a lot of fun creating and programming. I never felt more happy to be a part of something so great like this before. I also learned to play chess even better, but still never won a game against David Azzato.

Banish hives with OxyHives

A significant percentage of population is affected by allergies and most of them do not even know it. Manifesting differently, affecting the appearance of skin and causing sneezing, sniffling and conjunctivitis, allergies can be a nightmare. When hives appear on the body as a response to an allergenic factor, the sufferer might be tempted to take the day off and do anything just to make hives disappear. After hours of research on the internet, you will find out that OxyHives is the best hives treatment and you should use it to alleviate your condition quickly and safely.

How does OxyHives work?

oxyhives internetContaining in its highly efficient formula compounds like Arnica Montana, Hepar, Apis Mellifica, Urtica Urens, Ichthyolum, Lachesis and Mercurius Solubilis, OxyHives works by combating the inflammation, redness, itching and burning sensations that usually appear together with hives. Stimulating the blood flow and promoting the healing of the tissues, OxyHives  will offer quick and safe relief to hives and the sufferers will have their discomfort minimized so they can have a normal day at work.

As you can find from the internet and from this official website, hives or skin rash appear because the cells release histamine as a reply to the allergenic factor. Hives are accompanied by symptoms such as itching, redness, inflammation and even stinging or burning sensations, making it unbearable for the sufferer. You can banish hives quickly and safely with OxyHives, this natural and highly efficient treatment. Being based on the principle that like cures like, OxyHives is made of homeopathic ingredients which will eliminate the redness, swelling and itching in a timely and efficient manner.

Factors such as certain foods – fish, berries, tomatoes, eggs, milk, nuts –, medications, animal dander, insect stings and pollen can trigger the appearance of hives almost anywhere on the body, according to WebMD. However, regardless of what causes hives to appear, they can be eliminated quickly with OxyHives, this powerful treatment that will allow you to have a normal day. Formulated as an oral spray and delivering the ingredients directly into the blood flow, OxyHives will ensure a fast result and it will alleviate the redness, itching and inflammation.

Because it is made of natural ingredients, OxyHives will not cause any unwanted or negative side effects. There will be no nausea, drowsiness or dizziness associated with this treatment. Prescribed medicines for allergies are likely to cause negative side effects and the treatment can affect patients’ ability to drive, but these effects will not appear when following the treatment with OxyHives.

Furthermore, if the patients take OxyHives as recommended, they will succeed to reduce the incidence of hives and they will enhance their immune system naturally. Although it is not a contagious condition, hives can be miserable and they can even cause embarrassment, if they appear on the face, neck or hands. Use OxyHives to eliminate hives quickly and forget about the discomfort caused by unpleasant skin condition!

Purchase online your weight loss product

If you struggle to lose weight and nothing worked by now, it is because you have not tried the best method. When thyroid gland does not work properly, unexpected weight gain can occur and the sufferer will have difficulties losing weight. The metabolism is sluggish, constipation appears and the energy levels are really low, so losing weight is quite impossible. But you can purchase online your weight loss product from and fulfill your dream of shedding a few pounds in a natural and healthy way.

Lose weight in a healthy way with Thyromine

lose weightWhen thyroid gland is unable to produce enough amounts of thyroid hormones, hypothyroidism occurs. According to WebMD, patients affected by this condition will experience changes in many bodily processes. Because the metabolism will become sluggish, it will affect the heartbeat, body’s temperature and even the way how calories are burned. Weight gain will occur and losing weight will seem impossible, despite of all those drastic diets and heavy physical routines.

Due to the fact that Thyromine boosts the health and functionality of thyroid gland, proper amounts of thyroid hormones will be produced and the metabolic rate will be accelerated. The symptoms of an underactive thyroid gland will be eliminated and the consumers will be able to burn the extra calories more easily. Thyromine works by stimulating the health of thyroid gland, supporting a healthy digestion, boosting the energy levels, enhancing the elimination of bad blood cholesterol and improving the overall health of the consumers.

You might find numerous other weight loss products on the internet, but they are not as efficient and safe as Thyromine. Thyromine is made of natural ingredients that were tested in a laboratory for their purity, safety and efficacy. Guggal tree extract, adrenal powder from bovine, thyroid powder from bovine, Ginger extract, Nori extract, Piper Longum and L-Thyrosine, making from Thyromine one of the best thyroid supplements on the market and which can be purchased online.

This weight loss product will restore the natural balance in the body. Nourishing the body, boosting the metabolic rate, stimulating the burning of calories and improving the elimination of cholesterol, Thyromine will support the consumers become healthier and happier with the way they look. Because this supplement will improve the appearance of skin too, those who use Thyromine will get to look and feel younger and more appealing in a natural and healthy way.

Although the internet is bulked with products that claim to offer the weight loss desired, these pills will have zero effect because they do not address to your problem. You have to first improve the health of your thyroid gland and accelerate the metabolic rate, because a sluggish metabolism and lazy digestive system will only stay in your way. Due to the fact Thyromine is completely safe and risk-free for the health of the consumers, it will not cause any adverse effects and patients will lose weight healthy. Purchase online your weight loss product and enjoy dropping pounds in a healthy way with Thyromine!

Get the answer to your problem from the internet

Living in the era of high speed internet is a lot easier than several years ago. If you want to know more about a health disease, you do not have to read a book or have an appointment to the doctor for just asking a few questions. All you have to do is just type a few words, click, and everything you need to know is right in front of your eyes. If you are concerned about your dark under eye circles and puffy bags seem to become larger each day, you can find the answer of your problem on the World Wide Web. Revitol from the website will solve your problems naturally, helping you to look younger and healthier.

Revitol can solve three beauty problems at once

revitol woman's beautyDark under eye circles, puffy bags and fine lines in the area around eyes can all be solved with Revitol, the best solution for your beauty problems. This powerful eye cream is made of natural and highly potent ingredients that were tested in laboratory for their purity and efficacy. Revitol Eye Cream has a light and smooth formula that does not irritate the eyes and which does not remain greasy on skin. Niacinamide, Bisabolol, N-Hydroxycicinimide, Fraxinus Excelsior Bark extract, Chrysin  and Capric Triglyceride are the compounds included in the formula of Revitol Eye Cream.

Although these compounds have pompous names, but they are nutrients extracted from herbs with powerful effects against aging and which reduce hyperpigmentation that triggers the appearance of dark circles under eyes. These ingredients work together to strengthen capillaries, reduce hyperpigmentation, diminish the depth of fine lines, eliminate inflammation, reduce irritation, moisturize the skin and leave it smooth and suppler. Considering that broken blood vessels and hyperpigmentation can cause the appearance of dark circles, as mentioned on WebMD, Revitol gets to the root of the problem and eliminates what causes the most annoying beauty problems.

Due to living in the era of high speed internet, you can even order online the solution for your beauty problems. Revitol can be purchased online at an affordable price, it comes with a money back guarantee and you can benefit of consumer support if there are other questions you might want to ask. You might try to use natural solutions to get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles naturally, but they will only offer a temporary effect.

On various web pages you will find recommendations that include using cold spoons, tea bags, cucumber slices or lemon juice to reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles and puffy bags, but with Revitol things are a lot easier. All you have to do is just apply the cream every night, before going to bed, and in the morning you will look fresh and more beautiful. Because Revitol Eye Cream can solve three beauty problems at once, it is the best solution for you. Use Revitol and in just a few weeks of use you will look younger, more beautiful and healthier!

How to naturally enhance women’s desire for sex

It is not a secret anymore that both men and women have a reduced libido at some point in their life. Yet women’s libido is very different than men’s, because women place more value on emotional connection as a spark of sexual desire, based on WebMD. Many web directories offer relevant results when it comes to enhancing libido in women. However, those who wish to naturally increase their desire for sex and enjoy more satisfying intercourses should take Provestra.

How can Provestra improve women’s libido?

women’s libidoWe all know about Viagra, the magic pill that boosts the sex drive in men. For a very long time, women did not even talk about their reduced libido, not to mention the fact that they did not even think it was a problem there. In current days, they have many options to bring back passion in their lives, to enhance the desire for sex and to enjoy more satisfying intercourses. As you might find from many web directories and blogs, Provestra from is the “natural Viagra” for women and probably one of the best health supplements developed especially for women.

Containing natural ingredients that were selected for their effects on women’s libido, Provestra has in its powerful composition herbal extracts of Ginseng, Ginger, Black Cohosh, Red Raspberry, Damiana, Valerian and Licorice, Vitamins, L-Arginine and many other compounds that naturally enhance women’s desire for sex. These ingredients work synergistically to balance hormone levels, relief stress, alleviate headaches, intensify pleasure, speed up arousal and increase sexual desire in a natural, healthy and safe way.

As you probably already know from other blogs, women can eat their way to an enhanced libido. Many food items have aphrodisiac effects and they increase the blood flow to the genitals, balance hormone levels and stimulate arousal, supporting women to “get in the mood” and experience more intense sensations during intercourse. Yet Provestra contains many ingredients with aphrodisiac effects, compounds that boost the desire for sex and help women feel more relaxed with their partner. We all know that stress, fatigue and relationship problems can kill the libido, but Provestra will help the consumers unwind and enjoy their intimate moments with the partner.

Provestra improves women’s libido because the ingredients include in these pills enhance the blood circulation to clitoris, increase chances of experiencing better sex and provide stronger orgasms that will last longer. Women’s interest in sex will be enhanced, vaginal dryness will be eliminated and the sensations will be a lot more intense. Not only men have the right weapon to fight against reduced libido, because Provestra is the “natural Viagra” for women and they will get to fix this personal problem too.

Many libido enhancers are popular on other blogs, but Provestra will boost up the desire for sex without causing negative side effects and without harming the health of the consumers. Use this natural health supplement and enjoy recovering your love life!

Find on Web the best treatment for hives

Today you can find on World Wide Web information about anything might cross your mind. Regardless of what you need, from food recipes, how to crochet, how to use a table saw and how to build a house tree to decoration ideas, hairstyling tutorials and information about health supplements, it is all at your fingertips. If what concerns you now is your appearance and the fact that your allergy manifests again, with red, swollen hives on your face, hands and body, well, you will find here everything you need to know about hives and how to banish them quickly.

Why do hives appear?

hives treatmentHives manifest as red or pink swollen bumps on skin that cause itchiness, burning, pain and embarrassment. According to WebMD, hives or skin rash appears as an allergic response to one or more factors, including medications, insect stings, heat, cold, food items, additives, sun exposure, preservatives and many others. As a response to this factor, the body generates histamine, which will trigger the appearance of hives.

Many medications and antihistamines will help improving the situation of a patient with hives, but OxyHives has been developed to both treat and prevent the appearance of skin rash. On the webpage you will find out more about homeopathic medicines and how does OxyHives work to offer quick relief to hives in a healthy, natural and safe way. Because this treatment for skin rash involves using an oral homeopathic spray that has to be applied directly under tongue, the powerful ingredients included in the formula of OxyHives enter into the bloodstream and block the production of histamine, while they also alleviate swelling, reduce itchiness and diminish burning sensations.

If you pay a visit to the doctor and get prescribed medications for your hives, the antihistamines you will have to take can cause you nausea, dizziness and many other negative side effects. But OxyHives will help you get rid of hives quite quickly and the symptoms that accompany skin rash will be eliminated too. Because this highly efficient treatment has in its composition only natural ingredients, it does not cause unwanted side effects and no dizziness or nausea will appear if you use OxyHives as instructed.

On the World Wide Web you will find all the details that will keep you informed about this problem and how to eliminate hives at home. I can bet that you did not know how useful are the ingredients backing soda, Echinacea tea and Aloe Vera gel when it comes to alleviating skin rash. Due to fact that hives can appear out of the sudden and stress can aggravate them, it is important to have at reach an efficient cure for skin rash.

Make sure you have OxyHives and use it as recommended to keep hives away from your face, hands and body. Do not rely solely on antihistamines, because they will not help you prevent the occurrence of skin rash. Use OxyHives to keep hives at bay and do not let these unpleasant signs cause you embarrassment and distress!