Active Marine Speakers

Active Marine speaker is a type characterized by the use of active filters (digital or analog) instead of passive filters to divide the audio spectrum at intervals consistent with the transducers used.

Unlike passive speakers, in an active speaker is amplified analog signal after the filters. Used, therefore, work with electronic amplitudes own preamp output (line level). This allows a great efficiency advantage for passive alternatives, which filter signals amplified and lose large amounts of energy as heat.

Often, both the filter and amplifiers (one for each transducer) are integrated into the speaker box, leaving only external difference over liabilities in the power cord.

Despite having a superior design (equality of resources), they only are very popular in the professional environment, where its use is almost universal.

Audiophiles still have a lot of prejudice in relation to a speaker that plugs and not allowed to choose an amplifier: active speaker (and especially the digital asset) is contrary to many beliefs that characterize these fans (eg , vacuum-tube amplification, avoiding integration to acquire / choose the maximum number of separate components, digital-analog conversion early to avoid any form of EQ, etc.).

Among the advantages offered by this type of speakers we have:

Properly designed, can offer, equal resources, better quality than a passive speaker, as:
It is possible to use steeper filters (especially the digital models), preventing a transducer to receive signals sufficiently attenuated frequencies are outside its operating range.
Allow the use of amplifiers designed specifically for electrical and mechanical characteristics of each transducer (which also excludes the need for amplifiers covering the entire audio frequency range, limiting somewhat the increase for the costs of a system based on speaker liabilities).
Allow the designer (and in the digital case, the user) to easily equalize the input signal in the filter in order to strengthen / make electrical and mechanical characteristics of the transducer or box. In the digital models that includes, besides the transducer and the housing, the environment of the speaker (made, for example, installation and automatic mode with a microphone and integrated analyzer).
With the same power, lower consumption for performing the frequency filtering line levels (pre-amplified). This is very popular in professional applications where very high power.

It should be remembered that the benefits in terms of quality are particularly significant as they relate to the only devices (speakers) which can introduce audible differences in a modern sound reproduction system (properly designed, operated within its operating limits and , for comparison, always double-blind trials with the levels set within ± 0.1 dBSPL6). Contrary to what is understood as valid among fans, speakers are not only the weakest point in the chain of components of a sound reproduction system … The only weakness! (The only ones that introduce audible distortion though, to be precise, it should refer to sub-speaker listening room).