Playing chess online with David Azzato

As a head of a big internet network, David Azzato does find a way to have fun, and his big passion for chess and the internet makes him a really interesting person. His points of view are different but fun, and he cares for his stuff more than any employer I had before.

chess with david azzatoI had a huge job opportunity to work on the site So i took myself together, did a whole lot of research in order to impress the one who would interview me for the job and prepared myself in every possible way. I even put my best suit on with a tie and everything. But one thing I did not expect was David Azzato to be the one to interview me. We met at his office and right away his asked me do I love playing chess. I really did, so I told him I am an expert, as I was. After a few more questions about the previous jobs I had he said that if I win against him on the site I would get the job. I was nervous but I played calm and we started the game online.

After half an hour I won. And got the job. I remembered his nickname and later the day wanted to see if he really gave his best, so I spend almost the whole day to find him again and play anonymously against him. He won this time, and he was brilliant. So I realized he let me win before in order to give me a chance to work for him.

Was it easy for me to become a part of the team?

Now, two years later I realized he saw himself in me. He also had a hard time before he became who he is today. Actually he doesn’t talk a lot but when he does you can feel the calm aura around him and in his team which I am a part of.

And he is a perfectionist, he always wants everything to be precise and on point. But he also gives time to all of us to build a passion for what we do, before expecting any results of our work. I think that is the reason why everyone here loves working on his projects and why everyone gives their best in every possible way. has become today a huge site where everyone can feel the joy of playing chess and enjoy what we created. And we work everyday to make it better and more interactive, so that our users can have the feeling to play right next to their opponent. I am really happy to be a part of David Azzato’s team.

Everyone was really friendly at the beginning and stayed to this day. We work together and appreciate everyone’s thoughts and ideas. The working atmosphere is really calm and we all have a lot of fun creating and programming. I never felt more happy to be a part of something so great like this before. I also learned to play chess even better, but still never won a game against David Azzato.